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Rheumatology Fellowship

Rheumatology subspecialty education takes 3 years in our country.Subspecialty education is carried out by “Marmara University Rheumatology Programme” within the structure of Marmara University Medical Faculty.

Rheumatology discipline is constituted within the structure of Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at August 2015.Head of Rheumatology discipline is Prof.Dr.Mehmet Tuncay Duruöz.Three Rheumatology subspecialty education students take educational programme at the moment.

Rheumatology education is based on core education programme of “Comission for Specialty in Medicine”.Our subspeciality students are supported for lots of national and international studies.In our clinic, synovial fluid analysing on polarized light microscobe and ultrasonographic examination of musculoskeletal diseases can be performed.

Rheumatological diseases which are seen very frequently and have negative effects on life quality are treated by our inpatient and outpatient clinics.

Diseased treated in our rheumatology clinic

· Rheumatoid arthritis

· Spondyloartropathies(Ankylosing spondylitis,Psoriatic arthritis etc.)

· Systemic lupus erythematosus

· Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome

· Scleroderma (systemic sclerosis)

· Sjogren’s syndrome

· Mixt connective tissue disease

· Dermatomyositis,polimyositis

· Vasculitis(Takayasu arteritis,giant cell arteritis,Poliarteritis nodosa,ANCA-related vasculitis,other systemic vasculitis,Behçet’s disease)

· Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF)

· Acute Rheumatic Fever

· Gout and other crystal arthropathies

· Infectious arthritis

· Amiloidozis

· Metabolic and degenerative bone diseases

· Rheumatological signs of other systemic diseases (Sarcoidosis,Endocrin and metabolic diseases,malignity related)

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